Julie Ives


I have been creating with clay for almost 14 years. I came to Seward Park Clay Studio in 2010. The joy of making things out of clay, and the clay community I have found here, have been unmeasurably important in my growth as a human being.

I get very excited about exploring new ideas, so the nature of my clay work is always changing. Whether I am making functional hand-built work or sculpting an animal, the one constant is non-profundity. I have a strong sense of silliness, and whatever I create, the emphasis is on the process and on making myself smile rather than on making something with precision or great meaning.

I love sculpting animals, real or imagined. I nurtured many stuffies as a girl and I’ve never met an animal I didn’t want to anthropomorphize. Many of my animal sculptures take themselves much, much too seriously and have a bit of human grumpiness about them. Likewise, I often take myself too seriously and have the secret grumps; art seems to be a great way of reconciling the goofy and the grumpy within myself.

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