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We Stand Together!

Clay brought us together and helped us form a family at Seward Park Clay Studio. We stand in solidarity with communities of color, marginalized people, and those without financial power. Art is for everyone and is transformational. Any practice or system which dehumanizes our brothers and sisters is unacceptable to us. No discrimination of any kind will ever be tolerated in our studio. We stand together with people of all backgrounds who have come together in collective grief and anger caused by systemic racism.

We commit ourselves to dialogue and the hard work of making social justice come about. We are taking steps to address these issues and enact policies which lead to action and equity. We need your help and your involvement. A couple of nights ago, a young African American named Dominque Montgomery on ABC news was asked, “What’s your message to the country right now?” His answer was “that there’s always hope, that you can always be better, that you don’t have to settle. I think the message would be, there’s power in your voice. You should definitely use it.”

Although our usual tools are clay, wheels and kilns, we know that these times require more than that. Our mission to promote the growth of the ceramic arts requires open minds and open hearts. Join us! Be kind to one another.

Peter Olsen,
executive director, on behalf of our community.