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Deb Schwartzkopf

Spending time in the kitchen gives Deb ideas for her pottery forms and surfaces.  She intends for her work to be held and used.  The angular lines and soft volumes create visual contrast. Smooth surfaces hold bright swatches of color against broad planes of neutrals hues.  Her work is complex and clear drawing from plant, architectural and bird forms. She brings her world into her work for you to enjoy in your home.    

She graduated with a BA from the University of Alaska: Anchorage in 2002 and an MFA from Penn State in 2005.  Since then she has traveled widely to take part in residencies and teaching. She has exhibited and conducted workshops nationally and internationally. She is thrilled to have a home base in her home town Seattle, WA.  She has many hobbies that bring enjoyment- Gardening, baking, occasionally practicing banjo, foraging, and feeding her chickens.



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