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Damian Grava

My undergraduate studies were both art and science in New Hampshire, heavily focused on ceramics and geology.  The combination has led me on a journey exploring natural materials, firing processes, and the purpose of artisan objects in today’s world.  Upon moving to Seattle, in 2003, I focused my energies on growing my knowledge and experience as a ceramist. I spent 5 years at Pottery Northwest where I developed clay bodies, slips and glazes for soda firing. Simultaneously I worked with Peter Olsen on his hybrid, wood fire Yamagama kiln project in Index.  Most often I use vapor fire kilns as vehicles to manifest depth, intrigue, and emotion in my pots. I attended many workshops taught by national and international artists at Pottery Northwest and Seward Park Clay Studio, where I was often the workshop assistant.  The potent energy of Seattle’s art scene has served me well, as it has offered many opportunities to work with great ceramic artists.  I currently teach classes at Seward Park Clay Studio and Redmond Clay Studio, where I am the Director of a new and growing clay program on the east side.


Classes & Workshops

Expressive Wheel with Damian Grava

Instructor: Damian Grava Tuesdays, 10am-1pm 9/10-11/12 Read more

Developing a body of work with Damian Grava

Instructor: Damian Grava Mondays, 10am-1pm 9/9 – 11/11                                                                   Read more

Adventures on the Wheel- an all levels class with Damian Grava

Instructor: Damian Grava Mondays, 7pm-10pm 9/9-11/11 Read more

Expressive Wheel

Instructor: Damian Grava Tuesdays, 10am-1pm 9/15-11/17 Read more