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Donate Today!

We raise money to keep the tuition at an affordable rate for many people and to provide scholarships to people who cannot afford the fees. We also have outreach programming which is funded from donations.

A clay studio is expensive to operate and we have invested in quality equipment that performs well with very heavy use. Occasionally these things need replacement. Sometimes it takes a long time to save for significant purchases.

Seward Park Clay Studio is a 501.c.3 charity and your contributions are tax deductible.

Seward Park Clay Studio seeks to engage the community through programs and partnerships that provide access and equity. We believe that clay can be transformative in people’s lives and we want everyone to explore ceramics.

Our goals:

  • promote the growth of the ceramic arts
  • provide a broad range of educational programs, events and studio opportunities.
  • to be a catalyst for lifelong enjoyment and exploration of art.

Thank you for your gifts!