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George Rodriguez

George hales from El Paso, Texas. He moved to Seattle to undertake an MFA at the University of WA, which he completed in 2009.  Following this time of study he was granted a two year artist residency at Pottery Northwest.  He took a year off from the residency to travel with his recently awarded Bonderman Fellowship- through the University of Washington.  With this fellowship he visited 26 countries while traveling for eight months!  This was a life changing experience that still brings many adventures, people, and sights to mind.  George currently teaches ceramics courses and community classes in the Seattle area. He also has a private studio at his home property in Seattle, WA.  

George’s work draws from experience growing up in Texas, travels, interest in people and decoration.   A sense of community and the inter-relations are themes with in his humorous, narrative works. The heavily embellished surfaces draw the onlooker closer while the large scale of the objects calls from afar. He also works with printmaking as another avenue to capture ideas and stories.



Classes & Workshops

Basic Handbuilding and Sculpture

Instructor: John Taylor Saturdays, 10am-1pm 9/16-11/11